Rifles of 1892 – 1916

Ladies Models

Stevens continued from the Tip Up rifles the tradition of marketing a smaller frame rifle to women. In the Falling Block design, the first variation was the Model 55.

Favorite No. 55 Ladies Model. Introduced in 1897. Initially offered in various .25 centerfire cartridges, but these were dropped once smokeless powder came into use as it was too strong for the Favorite action upon which these rifles were built. The rifles were always offered in rimfire cartridges. The 55 was offered with upgraded wood, target sights, and a Swiss butt plate. It was a limited production rifle, not often encountered.

Ideal No. 56 Ladies Model. The Model 56 was built on an 044 ½ action, which was introduced in 1904, and in standard form is outfitted with a Swiss butt plate and target sights.  The rifles also have upgraded stocks and are checkered.  Additional special order upgrades including engraving and double set triggers. Offered in both rim fire and smaller centerfire cartridges.

Favorite No. 21 Ladies Model. It was introduced in 1911, initially with a case-colored action, which was switched to blue in 1912. This model replaced the Model 55. Model 21s were again built with a Swiss Butt Plate, target sights upgraded checkered wood, on a pistol grip frame. Mainly offered in rimfire chamberings. These rifles are rare.

1915 Favorite action, No. 21 Ladies Model. At the very end of offering the Ladies Model, Stevens revised the Favorite action to the 1915 Favorite. Serial number 219 on display is the only known example of a 1915 Favorite action Model 21 Ladies Model. Configured with target sights, upgraded wood, checkering, and a Swiss Butt Plate.