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The late Bailey Brower, author of Savage Pistols with award-winning "The Gold Standard."

The late Bailey Brower, author of Savage Pistols, with award-winning display "The Gold Standard."

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Meetings are open to members and invited guests

Meetings, Shows, and Events are closed to the public. To attend a meeting/show you must attend as a guest of one of our current members. Guest Pass Registration forms are provided to our 16,000+ members in advance of each meeting. Members may also download the guest pass form online or register and pay for guests in the member’s only portal.

OGCA Membership

How Can I Join?

To join, you must first attend a meeting or show as a guest of one of our current members. Guest Passes are currently $15 for the weekend

OGCA Guest Pass

“A gun shop dealer mentioned OGCA when I was looking at his stock. After hearing his description about the association and its meetings I asked if I could be his guest to check it out. I liked what I saw and acquired sponsors to become a member.  I look forward to the adventure of finding interesting items and visiting with folks as I toured the tables.”

Dolton Walker, Member since 1998, Sr. Life Member

I joined because I enjoyed looking at everything there, not like some shows where it’s more like a flea market. Don’t have favorite memory, but I’m always excited when I get to go, because I see something I’ve never seen or learn something I didn’t know.”

Ronald Crouch, Member since 1979, Life member

“Many people recommended the OGCA as the best gun show in Ohio, they were right!”

W. Alan Shore, Member since 2009, Life Member

“I like older firearms, so a family friend, Frazen Bell, took me to a show, and I was hooked. A favorite memory is one display where a member had a Beecher Bible Sharps Rifle with matching SN Bayonet very rare that I had only seen in books.”

Paul McCurdy, Member Since 1999, Sr. Life Member

“I like to see and hear the stories about the old guns. Going to Columbus as a child with my dad, and then being able to attend the Wilmington show with my dad and children.”

Keith Vogel Member since 2009, Life Member

“OGCA exudes my sediments for hunting, marksmanship, collecting, sport of shooting and competitive shooting. We need to get youth included in every area; clubs, collecting, shooting.”

Jeffrey Mihalik, Member since 1978, Life Member

“The education is good, and the tuition is cheap. All good- I make new memories at every show.”

Harold Collins, Member since 2002, Sr. Life Member


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