Supporting Youth Target Shooting: OGCA/SAF Youth Grant Funds

Facilitating positive experiences for youth in shooting and hunting promotes responsible gun ownership and fosters a positive image of firearms. Recognizing the importance of this mission, OGCA formed a partnership with the Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation (SAF) in 2020. This partnership aims to provide financial support to organizations, clubs, and teams with projects and initiatives that advance shooting and hunting opportunities for youth under the age of 22 in Ohio.

About the OGCA/SAF Youth Grant Funds

The OGCA/SAF Youth Grant Funds can be used to cover expenses such as supplies, equipment, travel, rentals, and other related costs. These grants support thousands of young participants each year, ensuring they have the resources they need to engage in shooting sports safely and responsibly.

With the rising cost of ammunition, these funds have become crucial in providing much-needed supplies. Recent award recipients include:

  • Fairfield Sportsman’s Association
  • North Ridgeville Shooting Sports Team
  • Ross County Steel Ringers Youth Competition Team
  • Moulton Gun Club Scholastic Clay Target Program
  • Cub Scouts BB Gun Training
  • Zoar Road Youth Trap Team
  • Green County Fish and Game Annual Youth Pheasant Hunt
  • And many more

Why Your Support Matters

OGCA receives generous donations from OGCA PAC’s disposition of a portion of raffle funds (as mandated by state law) and from members and individuals who are passionate about supporting the OGCA/SAF Youth Grant Fund. Although your donation is not tax-deductible, it is crucial for sustaining this vital program. Every dollar donated goes directly to supporting youth in shooting sports.

How to Donate

Please consider contributing to this grassroots cause. Any amount is appreciated and makes a significant impact. To donate, please use the form below: