OCGA Meeting




ALL Guns Must Be Tied

ALL Clips and Magazines Must Be Removed

ALL Firearms Must Be Presented Upon Entering

Open Hammer Tie through the trigger

Open hammer and tied through the trigger.

Bolt Action open and tie behind the trigger guard

Bolt action open and safety tied.

Important Safety Rules

Observe all federal firearms laws and safety rules of OGCA. Every firearm accident is avoidable and below are some of the most important rules to know before you go. We want everyone to enjoy their visit.

  1. Every firearm must be unloaded and incapable of discharge of any type of projectile, bullet, etc. This includes airguns which may not be cocked or charged with air.
  2. No loaded clips or magazines. No loaded CCWs (Concealed Carry Weapons.)
  3. Unload, and deactivate all firearms prior to leaving home.
  4. Clips and magazines must be removed prior to entering hall.
  5. All firearms/airguns must be tied. Gun ties are available at the Gun Tie desk $.05 each or 20 for $1.00. (No one will be denied if you do not have the change.)
  6. All firearms brought to the meeting hall must be presented at the Gun Tie Desk located at the entrance. The Director on duty will tie your firearm so that it is inoperable and incapable of being discharged.
  7. Tableholders must safety tie all firearms prior to the firearms being displayed, offered for sale or trade and prior to leaving them on a trade table. Click here for Proper Tying of Most Firearms. Ask any officer, director or past president (orange flag) and our Head of Security if you have questions. Note that putting a gun tie through the trigger guard is not an acceptable way of tying a gun.
  8. If a firearm is taken out of the hall and returns, it must be reinspected and re-tied at the Gun Tie Desk.
  9. Never point a firearm in an unsafe direction – act as if all guns are loaded.
  10. No bows and/or arrows.
  11. No accessories or parts to simulate full automatic fire.
  12. Members are responsible for their Guests and Applicants.
  13. Be aware of your surroundings and read signs. Report safety concerns to OGCA Security.
  14. Cameras, use of cell phone cameras, and recording devices are prohibited without the permission of the president.
  15. BATF Notice for Gun Show Participants #5300.23a revised June 2021

The OGCA safety rules are contained in the Constitution / Bylaw / Rule Book. Members may contact access it on the Members Portal or contact the Business Office for another free copy.

Rules and Bylaws are subject to change.
Observe all signage and instructions of security officials

Gun Collector Etiquette

Enjoying an educational display.

Gun Collector Etiquette

  1. Every firearm should be treated as if it were loaded. Keep all firearms pointed in a safe direction. Keep your finger out of the trigger guard.
  2. Never touch a firearm or remove the safety tie without permission from the owner.
  3. Don’t ask to handle a firearm unless you have serious intent to buy.
  4. Look for signs that indicate what is appropriate. Collections marked “Display Only” are never to be touched.
  5. Do not dry fire, work bolts or cycle actions without permission. If you want to manipulate anything, get permission. Make sure whatever you’re manipulating is not a safety issue.
  6. Avoid unnecessary wear. Never spin the cylinder of a revolver like you are playing Russian roulette or slam it closed by “flipping” it sideways.
  7. When necessary to inspect a gun that you have intent to buy, the tableholder should be the one that cuts the safety tie. The tableholder should also be the one that opens the bolt and clears a weapon in a safe manner before he hands it over and re-ties the weapon regardless of whether it will be sold or not.
  8. Remember how a gun was laying and put it back down the way you found it. Never hit the gun against another gun or lay it down on top of another gun.
  9. Hold a gun by the wood and not the metal if possible. If you get fingerprints on the metal, alert the tableholder so he/she can clean it.
  10. Keep your kids with you and instruct them on all safety rules and general etiquette.
  11. Never set food or drink on someone’s table.
  12. Never interrupt a “sale in progress” or try to purchase an item someone else is holding or negotiating a price on.
  13. Do not block a table or aisle to chat with a friend. Keep traffic moving past the table so people can see his/her display.


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