Rifles of 1892 – 1916

The Side Plate – The Earliest Falling Block Rifles

Stevens first falling block rifles are referred to as “side plate” models because there was a plate on the side of the action that could be removed. This was quickly eliminated and limited to only the earliest production. The small frame model was called the “Favorite” and the large frame the “Ideal” model.

The Favorite is a boys’ rifle was made in .22 and .25 rim fire. It was offered in three models: No. 17 with plain open sights, No. 18 with vernier rear and Beech front sights, and No. 19 with Lyman sights. The Favorite was introduced in late 1892 and was produced for about a year and a half. The survival rate of these rifles is very low.


The Ideal was the large frame action offered in rim fire and center fire cartridges as large as 32-40.  The ideal was introduced in 1893 and made for one year. It was offered in four models: Model 107 Beech front sight, Vernier back, and open rear sight on barrel; Model 108, same as 107 but fancy stocks; Model 109 had a wind gauge front sight, no rear barrel sight; and,  Mid-range vernier tang sight; and the Model 110 same as 109 but with fancy stocks.