How to use your Membership to Qualify for CMP Purchases

Did you know that your OGCA membership plus CCW license or other proof of shooting experience qualifies you for purchasing M1 Garands and other surplus firearms and ammunition through the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program)?

Military collectors travel from all over the country to scour the racks at the physical CMP stores, CMP-North in Port Clinton, Ohio, and two stores in Alabama.   Surplus M-1 Garands along with .22 target and air rifles can be purchased in person at one of their stores or through the CMP mail-order program.   Occasionally the CMP holds online auctions for vintage firearms for which they have limited supply such as the M-1 Carbine or M1903, for example.

Members interested in purchasing a rifle from the CMP need to supply proof of U.S. citizenship, proof of age (driver’s license), membership in a CMP-affiliated club such as OGCA (show and photocopy your badge) and clear a NICS check. You must also provide proof of marksmanship activity or other CMP-approved firearms-related activity such as showing a concealed carry (CCW) permit; proof of active duty or retired military service or law enforcement training. The marksmanship requirement is waived for those 60 years and older and for those with certain disabilities. For more information, visit

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