Applicant List – June 2024

134 Total Applicants

If you know why any of the following Applicants should not be members, write an officer, director, or the business office. Any information will be held in strict confidence. Applicants from the June 2024 meeting will be voted on at the July 2024 meeting. Use of this list is restricted to members to review Applicants. All other uses are prohibited.

OGCA Membership

Though closed to the public, OGCA meetings are huge events drawing thousands of people from across the country, and regularly feature 600-700 tables of strictly gun-related material. According to the National Rifle Association, OGCA is the “Granddaddy” of all firearm collector associations, having been founded in 1937 and now standing at over 16,000 members.

Pictured: William R. Ham with a favorite Ruger


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