Dues may be paid in advance of the membership expiration date by mail, online through our secure Member’s Portal “Pay Dues Here,” or at the Member Services/Dues Desk at a meeting. We accept checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or cash. (Please do not mail cash.) Membership dues are subject to change as posted in the newsletter and on your Annual Dues Statement. At the time of this update:

  • One year @ $45.00
  • One year Active Duty Military, Free. (Enclose or indicate rank, branch, and duty station.)
  • Three years @ $110.00
  • Five years @ $165.00
  • Life Membership @ $1,000.00
  • Senior life – 65 years old or older @ $700.00

Checks/money orders make payable to “OGCA.” Mail to: OGCA P.O. Box 670406, Sagamore Hills, OH 44067-0406. If you do not have your Annual Dues Statement, please write your member # on your check when possible.

Important: your prior years badge can be used for admission into the first meeting of the new year. If payment for dues is not received by January 15th the year after your membership expired, a newsletter for the second meeting will not be mailed to the member. If payment is not received by March 31st, the non-paid member’s name will be removed from the membership file, but membership can be reinstated by the payment of a minimum of 3 years dues before December 31st. Dues are applied retroactive to the expiration date. You may instead re-apply for membership to avoid paying back-dues. See “Former Members; How to Re-apply.

Q: How do I know if my dues are due?

A: If your dues are due, a dues statement will be mailed and/or emailed in the Fall. You may also refer to your current Membership badge and/or wallet card, as the year through which your dues are paid can be found in the lower right-hand corner of your badge. Dues are always due and payable on a calendar year basis (December 31, year on badge.)  You may also find your membership status above your name and address of your most current newsletter.

Q: I am going to turn 65 in August of next year. Can I pay for Senior Life dues now (November)?

A: You may upgrade to Sr. Life Membership anytime during the year in which you turn 65. Simply wait until early January of the year in which you are turning 65 and pay then.

Q: I would like to upgrade to Life Membership, but I just paid for 5-year dues last year. Do I have to wait until those five years are up before I can get the Life Membership?

A: No, you may purchase a Life Membership anytime after you have been a member one year. Any full year of unused dues would be credited at $30 per year towards your Life Membership. In your case it would be $120 (4 full years of membership x $30 = $120) deducted from the cost of a Life or Sr. Life Membership.