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--OGCA Meetings are strictly LIMITED to members and their guests--

Upcoming Meeting Dates
Sept. 11-12, 2021
Featuring The Winchester Arms Collectors Association Annual Midwestern Show

November 20-21, 2021

January 8-9, 2022

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Fall 2021 Member's Newsletter (click to read)

A Message From Our President

Our July midsummer show was well attended. We hosted ROCS, The Ruger Owners & Collectors Society display show for the 6th time and as always they had many outstanding displays. I would like to thank Lee Sundermeier for the warm welcome we (OGCA) received at the Ruger Owners & Collectors Society banquet.

There were several empty tables on Sunday morning. I remind all table holders that your tables should be occupied until 2:00 PM Sunday. If you have an emergency, security and or the office must be notified. Likewise, make sure you do not accidently leave any merchandise or collectibles behind.

There will be no election for Director this November as there are only three candidates, current directors, Christopher Rohal, Rodney Kirian, and Marty Capito, Sr. I want to take a moment to thank them and all OGCA Directors for their service to OGCA especially over the last year when they stepped forward well beyond the call of duty to help with all the extra work needed to comply with Covid-19 regulations.
Chris Rohal of North Ridgeville has served on numerous committees over the years and is currently Co-Chairman of the April 30, 2022 Banquet Committee that will be bringing our keynote speaker, Ian McCollum, to Ohio. (If you are not familiar with Ian, be sure to watch his great gun stories on YouTube and Rodney Kirian is a member of the Display Show and the NRA Display committees. If you do not yet know Rodney, look for him in row I and introduce yourself. Marty Capito, Sr. has served on several committees over the last few years and is currently the OGCA PAC Chairman, which is no easy task. Visit Marty in row U and be sure to see the PAC raffle items on display.

All directors, officers and past presidents have a prominent orange flag on their table, and are there to represent the membership. If you have some proactive ideas on how to keep OGCA the greatest gun club in the world, be sure to speak up. Likewise, consider this an early call for members to step forward and became a part of the inner wheel of this organization. Director Nominations will open again in March.

Our next meeting/show will be in September. We will be hosting the Winchester Arms Collectors Association Midwestern show. Jessica Bennett (records specialist) will be in attendance from the Cody Museum.

Al Overholser will hold a free Hunter education course.

Hope to see you in September!

Sherman Kirkland III, President

 Co-Share Tables Available Now

Beginning with the May meeting we will be allowing two members to share a table with Friday trading privileges for both members. “I encourage any member, who has not had a trade table before, to partner with another member, share the cost, and give it a try. My hopes would be that you would come to enjoy it,” said President Sherman Kirkland. The cost to co-share is a flat fee of $20 no matter how many tables are shared. For example $80 per table plus the $20 co-share fee is just $50 each. A “Tableholder Pass” will be issued for each member but no “Helper Pass.” Each individual will share responsibility of the table or tables and both will have trading privileges during set-up times. Forms were available at the last meeting. Contact us if you need one at or (330) 467-5733.

Membership Dues

The year through which your dues are paid can be found on your current membership badge and wallet card, as well as on your dues statement mailing in October.  Please read it carefully to see if your membership expires December 31, 2021. If your Statement indicates that your dues are paid through 2022 or beyond, you need not take any action at this time.  If you have any questions, call anytime at (330) 467-5733.   Members may pay directly on our secure Online Dues Payment Program by Clicking Here; via credit card over the phone at (330) 467-5733 or mail check or money order to the business office. You do not need your dues statement in order to mail your dues, but whenever possible include your member number on the memo of your check.  For more information click on "Dues."

1-year dues: $45
1-year Active Duty Military: Free
(Enclose rank, branch, duty station)
3-year dues:
 $110 (saves $25)
5-year dues:
 $165 (saves $60)
Life Membership:
Sr. Life (65 yrs.+):
$400 (Enclose proof of age)

Mail check or money order to: OGCA, P.O. Box 670406, Sagamore Hills, OH 44067.

Please anticipate 3-6 weeks for processing. If payment is not received by March 31, 2022, the name of the non-paying member will be removed from our files and can be reinstated only by paying a minimum of 3 years dues by December 31, 2022. We need and appreciate your support. Thank you! Also, all members are encouraged to update their confidential phone and email address. Simply email us at, write it on your dues statement when mailing it in, or call the Business Office at (330) 467-5733.  Thank you! Former Members who left in good standing and whose dues expired years ago now have several ways to re-join/re-apply.  See the "Join" tab above.

Banquet April 30, 2022 - we will have a heck of a banquet in 2022, and, yes, Ian McCollum of will be our keynote speaker!  Look for more information as we get closer.

We have modified requirements for new member applicants. These changes will make it easier for new applicants to join OGCA. [
lick on "Join" tab, above.]

Table Application and Guest Pass Forms

Guest Passes (for use by current members): Guest Passes are on on page 11 of the  newsletter.  For security reasons the form is not online.  If you are a member and would like a copy of a form call (330) 467-5733 or email Guest Passes are $15. Members may bring up to 4 guests per meeting. Guests are limited to 2 visits per life. 

Tables:  Members may reserve tables for up to two shows at a time ($80 per table for 2021 meetings). Tables may be rented via mail, phone, or in person during a meeting for the next 2 meetings.  Annual 2022 Tables (all 6 meetings for calendar year 2022) will go on sale in September 2021.   See Table Co-Sharing announcement above.  (330) 467-5733 (Forms are not posted on the web for security reasons.)

 New Options for Applying

Members: you may sponsor a friend that has a CCW permit or FFL/C&R license without your friend needing a 2nd sponsor. (The license or permit held by the applicant serves in lieu of a 2nd sponsor.) The application must be returned in person with one sponsor present. Another change passed in November addresses a former member’s ability to rejoin OGCA. Former members who left in good standing may rejoin without sponsors. [Click on "Join" tab, above.] In order to rejoin it is necessary to contact the Business Office in advance. Thank you!

Run for a Spot on the OGCA Board of Directors

We are actively looking for dedicated members who are interesting in serving on the Board of Directors of OGCA. You must be an Ohio resident and a member for at least five years. Nominations will open at the March 2022 meeting and will close at the end of the May meeting. All interested candidates may contact First Vice President, Terrie Hill at (740) 504-3530 for the required forms. Return them in advance of the May meeting or in person at the May meeting no later than 2 pm Sunday May 9th at Terrie’s tables T 7-10 (orange flag).

Collector Invitationals - Mark Your Calendar

Sept. 11-12, 2021
For the 10th year, our friends The Winchester Arms Collectors Association will hold their Annual Midwestern Show Sept. 11-12, 2021. They supported our first meeting permitted under Covid-19 last September, and we really look forward to hosting them this coming September. They will have many trade tables with fine Winchester firearms and interesting related memorabilia. Fore more information visit   Jessica Bennett, Cody Firearm’s Museum Record’s Specialist will also be there to do record searches on your Winchester, Marlin, L.C. Smith, Ithaca/Lefever and Savage firearms. More information to follow.

‘21 OGCA PAC RaffleTickets Available!

Members, raffle tickets were enclosed in your next mailing in June. For more raffle ickets please contact the Business Office at (330) 467-5733 or  

Raffle proceeds support two important causes 1) pro-Second Amendment candidates and our right to keep and bear arms, and 2) youth target shooting programs. Supporting youth shooting and gun safety education satisfies Ohio gaming laws, and the long term success of firearm collecting.

Due to the generosity of members, PAC Chairman Marty Capito has some fabulous prizes. All 6 of them will be displayed at his table (typically U 15 & 11) during the May, July, and September Meetings.

The winning tickets will be pulled at the September meeting on Sunday September 12th. Tickets are $5 for one or $20 for 5.

1st Prize - M1 Garand, 1944 mfr. Springfield Armory with sling,
30-06 cal.

2nd Prize - Browning 22 Auto, breakdown rifle, 1968 Belgium mfr. with box

3rd Prize - Smith & Wesson 29-10, 4” bbl. 44 Magnum, with box and accessories

4th Prize - GSG-1911 pistol, 22LR cal. Brand new in the box and un-fired

5th Prize - Double-Tap over/under derringer, 45 ACP, with box and accessories

6th Prize - OGCA 50th Anniversary Knife

The next couple of years are going to be critical for protecting the U.S. Constitution and we must support the political candidates who support us in this battle! Show your support and take a chance on winning a great prize.

Meeting Hours Start at 8:30 AM / Save on Lodging Cost with Increased Sat. Set up Time

Sat. and Sun. Meeting Hours now start at 8:30 AM, and tableholder set up hours Sat. and Sun. morning have been extended to better accommodate members who rent tables and potentially avoid the time and cost of a Fri. hotel stay.  Based on the recent Membership Questionnaire it is clear that these minor time changes will make a big impact. There are no changes to the Friday set up time.   Note the Holiday Inn at Roberts Centre still has a strict 2-night minimum (which is beyond OGCA's control) and a list of other hotels can be found on the SHOWS page.

Meeting Hours
Saturday 8:30 am - 5 pm
Sunday 8:30 am - 2 pm

Set up/Exhibitor Hours
Fri. 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm exhibitor Set-up
Sat. 7:00 am - 8:30 am exhibitor Set-up
Sun. 7:30 am - 8:30 am exhibitor Set-up

 Support Youth Shooting

Please consider a donation for youth firearms safety training and target shooting. So far we’ve collected thousands of dollars from generous members and every dime goes directly to youth target shooting clubs through our joint venture with Sportsman's Alliance Foundation (SAF). Thank you! To participate in our youth shooting initiative mark the memo of your check "youth target shooting donation" or call with a credit card. Although your donation is not tax deductible this is a vitally important cause for the long-term. Any amount is appreciated and 100% will go to grants in support of youth shooting.

Joining Information

Members: Do you know someone who would be interested in becoming a member of OGCA? A brother, sister, uncle, or cousin? How about a friend or neighbor? Please click on "Join" tab, above, as we have some new options for new and former members.  For more information contact the Business Office at (330) 467-5733 or  

Gun Collector Etiquette - A Partial List

  1. Every firearm should be treated as if it were loaded. Keep all firearms pointed in a safe direction. Keep your finger out of the trigger guard.

  2. Never touch a firearm or remove the safety tie without permission from the owner.

  3. Don’t ask to handle a firearm unless you have serious intent to buy.

  4. Look for signs that indicate what is appropriate. Collections marked “Display Only” are never to be touched.

  5. Do not dry fire, work bolts or cycle actions without permission. If you want to manipulate anything, get permission. Make sure whatever you’re manipulating is not a safety issue.

  6. Avoid unnecessary wear. Never spin the cylinder of a revolver like you are playing Russian roulette or slam it closed by “flipping” it sideways.

  7. When necessary to inspect a gun you have intent to buy, the tableholder should be the one that cuts the safety tie. The tableholder should also be the one that opens the bolt and clears a weapon in a safe manner before he hands it over and re-ties the weapon regardless of whether it will be sold or not.

  8. Remember how a gun was laying and put it back down the way you found it. Never hit the gun against another gun or lay it down on top of another gun.

  9. Hold a gun by the wood and not the metal if possible. If you get fingerprints on the metal, alert the tableholder so he/she can clean it.

  10. Don’t allow children to run amuck. Keep your kids with you and instruct them on all safety rules and general etiquette.

  11. Never set food or drink on someone’s table.

  12. Never interrupt a “sale in progress” or try to purchase an item someone else is holding or negotiating a price on.

  13. Do not block a table or aisle chatting with your buddy. Keep traffic moving past the table so people can see his/her display.

“May I...” and “Thank You” go a long way and are just plain common courtesy.

Automatic Penalties For a Loaded Gun or Magazine

In 2016, the OGCA Board of Directors adopted automatic penalties for those in violation of bringing in a loaded gun or magazine. Members will be removed from the building and placed on an automatic one-year suspension. If a guest brings a loaded firearm/magazine, he/she will be immediately banned for life, and the sponsor of that guest will automatically be suspended for one year. If each and every member makes safety their number one focus and informs their guest of the Safety Rules, enforcement of this new automatic penalty will never be necessary...and that is our hope.    

Important:  Bump Fire Stocks or any devices that simulates full automatic fire are NOT  Permitted.

 Firearms Safety REQUIRED

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There has never been a more important time for supporters of the Second Amendment to band together and ensure that those who share our love of collecting, shooting and hunting are registered to vote.

Trigger the Vote is a nonpartisan
voter registration program through the NRA.  Click here for more info or here to go direct to the site.  Then click on "Get Started" to register to vote in any state. (It's easy!)