To join, you must first attend a meeting/show as a guest of one of our current members. Guest Passes are currently $15 for the weekend, and individuals are limited to two visits per life due to security protocols. (If interested you must join on your 1st or 2nd visit.) Guests are permitted to buy/sell/trade firearms in compliance with the law and OGCA rules. Some of the most important Safety Rules can be found directly below.

  • Guest Pass Registration forms are provided to members in advance of each meeting and require the signature of both the member and the guest. The Guest Pass must be worn for admission, and can be arranged by your sponsor by mail, or in person at the meeting. Along with your Guest Pass you will receive an Application for Membership.

  • To apply, you must either have two sponsors who have been in good standing for over one year, or (new option) one sponsor and evidence of a Concealed Carry Permit (CCW) or Federal Firearm License (FFL) including a Curios & Relics (C&R) license. Either way, one sponsor must accompany you when you turn in the Membership Application at the Applications Desk at the meeting. Applications are not accepted by mail. The cost to apply varies since it includes a portion of dues, but is typically $30 - $40 (waived for active duty military).

  • Applicants are Voted in. Your application will be reviewed by the Screening & Enforcement Committee. A list of applicants will be mailed to members for review prior to the vote at the next meeting.  Meetings are held every other month.  

If you are not sure if you know a member who can bring you as a guest, keep in mind that OGCA has thousands of members. It is possible that you know a member, but are just not aware that they’re a member. Our best advice is to ask friends and acquaintances. If you are friends with your local gun shop owner, belong to shooting clubs or attend gun shows or NRA events, these are good places to start. Did a member mention our website to you?

For a sample newsletter call (330) 467-5733, click here to send an email, or write to our office at "Info" OGCA Business Office: P.O. Box 670406 Sagamore Hills, OH 44067.


Reinstatement: The “grace period” to pay dues that expired December 31st of the previous year runs through March 31 of the current. Therefore, up until March 31st you may pay your dues to continue your membership.  After March 31st you can be reinstated by paying a minimum of three years dues.  For example, after March 31, 2021 members whose dues expired 12/31/2020 can pay 3-years dues ($110) by 12/31/2021 to be reinstated and continue their membership, keeping their member number. The new membership expiration date would be 12/31/2023.  This can be done by mail, in person, by phone or online simply by paying your dues. 

Rejoin/Reapply: Former Members (including those eligible for reinstatement) can also reapply for membership simply by repeating the application process for a New Member (as described above) either with 2 signers on your Membership Application, or just one sponsor but with evidence of a CCW or FFL including a C&R license.  This must be done in person with your Guest Pass on and one sponsor physically present. 

Rejoin/Reapply without Sponsorship:  in November 2020, members approved a new option designed for Former Members who left in good standing but no longer has a friend able to come in person to sponsor them for membership.  may re-apply without sponsorship by coming as a guest of OGCA, applying in person and paying membership dues for the next three years.  This new option is designed to help our many Former Members whose friends are not able to be physically present to sponsor.  To choose this option:  

  1. Contact OGCA in advance to verify that our records confirm your status as a Former Member. Email, call (330) 467-5733 or write to the OGCA Business Office.
  2. Request a "Former Member 3 Year Dues Application."  Fill it out.  Present it at the Business Office desk in person at a meeting along with $135 (check, cash, Visa, MC or Discover).  We do not accept mail-in applications. 
  3. We will process your Guest Pass which is needed for admission to the meeting hall when you apply.
  4. At the same time, we will process your Membership Application and apply your 3 years Membership dues.  You will receive a new membership number and go through the application process.    
  5. Fee Break down: if you apply at the January, March, or May 2021 meeting the $135 paid includes your $15 Guest Pass, $10 application fee and 3-years dues ($110) good through 12/31/2023.  If you apply at the July, September or November 2021 meeting the $135 paid includes the same as above and pays your dues thru 12/31/2024.

For a sample newsletter call (330) 467-5733, click here to send an email, or write to our office at "Former Member - Info" OGCA Business Office: P.O. Box 670406 Sagamore Hills, OH 44067.

Important Safety Rules

Observe all federal firearms laws and safety rules of OGCA. Every firearm accident is avoidable and below are some of the most important rules to know before you go. We want everyone to enjoy their visit.

1) Every firearm must be unloaded and incapable of discharge of any type of projectile, bullet, etc. This includes airguns which may not be cocked, or charged with air.
2) No loaded clips or magazines. No loaded CCWs (Concealed Carry Weapons.)
Unload, deactivate, remove clips and magazines before you leave home.
3) All firearms/airguns must be tied. Gun ties are available at the Gun Tie desk $.05 each or 20 for $1.00. (No one will be denied if you do not have the change.)
4) All firearms brought to the meeting hall must be presented at the Gun Tie Desk located at the entrance. If a firearm is taken out of the hall and returns, it must be reinspected and re-tied at the Gun Tie Desk.
5) Never point a firearm in an unsafe direction - act as if all guns are loaded.
6) No bows and arrows.  No accessories or parts to simulate full automatic fire.
7)Members are responsible for their Guests and Applicants.
8) Be aware of your surroundings and read signs. Report safety concerns to OGCA Security.
9) Cameras, use of cell phone cameras, and recording devices are prohibited without the permission of the president.

Rules and Bylaws are subject to change.
Observe all signage and instructions of security officials

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