Arm Brace Pistols are now regulated by NFA. 
If they are not registered, they cannot be in an OGCA Show

Important Safety Rules

Observe all federal firearms laws and safety rules of OGCA. Every firearm accident is avoidable and below are some of the most important rules to know before you go. We want everyone to enjoy their visit.

1) Every firearm must be unloaded and incapable of discharge of any type of projectile, bullet, etc. This includes airguns which may not be cocked, or charged with air.
2) No loaded clips or magazines. No loaded CCWs (Concealed Carry Weapons.)
Unload, deactivate, remove clips and magazines before you leave home.
3) All firearms/airguns must be tied. Gun ties are available at the Gun Tie desk $.05 each or 20 for $1.00. (No one will be denied if you do not have the change.)
4) All firearms brought to the meeting hall must be presented at the Gun Tie Desk located at the entrance. If a firearm is taken out of the hall and returns, it must be reinspected and re-tied at the Gun Tie Desk.
5) Never point a firearm in an unsafe direction - act as if all guns are loaded.
6) No bows and arrows.  No accessories or parts to simulate full automatic fire.
7)Members are responsible for their Guests and Applicants.
8) Be aware of your surroundings and read signs. Report safety concerns to OGCA Security.
9) Cameras, use of cell phone cameras, and recording devices are prohibited without the permission of the president.

Rules and Bylaws are subject to change.
Observe all signage and instructions of security officials

Loaded Guns at OGCA will not be Tolerated - It is Really that Simple

The OGCA rules provide during a meeting and while on premises, no person shall possess any loaded or primed firearm or air gun. A member violating this rule will be required to leave immediately and receive an automatic one-year suspension. A guest violating this rule will be banned for life and their sponsor suspended for one-year. This rule does not permit any exceptions and there are no extenuating circumstances that will allow a person to avoid the sanctions of this rule. Conceal carry guns are the biggest problem, as they are the most common violator of this rule. If you are bringing a conceal carry gun in, please make sure it is unloaded. If you get to the gun tie desk and it is found loaded, you will be suspended. No excuses will be found valid. If you cannot open a firearm, do not bring it in the show. The reason you may not be able to open it, may be a stuck live round. Further, it is the responsibility of the owner of the firearm to know how to open the gun and establish it is unloaded, prior to coming into the meeting. It is not appropriate to bring a gun that you cannot open to OGCA for assistance with it. Who knows if itís loaded? Go to a gunsmith to resolve the issue, do not bring to OGCA to resolve.
 This is a very serious matter. Please be vigilant in ensuring all guns are unloaded.

Security Reminder

All firearms must be presented at the Gun Tie desk.  The Director on duty will tie your firearm so that it is inoperable and incapable of being discharged.   For tableholders during set up, ask any officer, director or past president (orange flag) and our Head of Security. Directors can also be found before/during show hours at the Gun Tie desk. All firearms must be tied so they are inoperable and incapable of being discharged. Note that putting a gun tie through the trigger guard is not an acceptable way of tying a gun. We have posters and fliers available that illustrates the proper way to tie firearms, and we will gladly provide assistance.

Legislative Alert - Your Action Needed

Our lawmakers are receiving thousands of letters, calls and emails demanding a wide variety of gun control measures including an outright ban, registration and confiscation of guns. Some (a few) are calling for measures directed at actual crime control which is something all OGCA members can get behind assuming the law is well-written and actually enforced. Our credo, after all, includes ď...We believe when a person convicted of a crime in which a weapon is used, the punishment should be swift, certain and severe.Ē

Mass shootings have become more and more sensationalized and have resulted in a debate over gun violence that is widely misrepresented by the media and certain political groups. Anti-firearms extremists are doing a better job than we are in getting our message across, and the sooner we face that fact, the better. Our rights and our grandchildrenís rights are at stake! With onerous legislation on the docket and a crucial national election only 13 months away we are calling on each of our members, like-minded friends and family to contact your legislators.

If you have never written a letter to your congressman today is the day, and for your convenience we have provided a sample letter on our website. You may edit the letter according to your personal beliefs and opinions or sign it and send it as is. If you are reading this at click here to go directly to that generic letter as a Word doc.  See below for a pdf file format and links to  pre-addressed letters to some of our Ohio legislators and President Trump. (Contact us for a hard copy of the letter as needed at (330) 467-5733.)  Find your legislators using the links below.

Donít forget your pro-freedom legislators! A natural assumption is that we donít need to pressure those who already think like us on the Second Amendment, but that couldnít be more wrong! They need to be able to tell the press and the anti-gun forces that the number of contacts they are receiving in favor of the Second Amendment are more than those calling for ineffective and dangerous gun control and outright bans.

Likewise, if you have never taken the time to write an intelligent, well-reasoned and respectful blog, post or letter-to-the-editor, now is the time. This is no false alarm or hype. Our lawmakers, media and general public need to hear the opinions of the 18,000 members of The Ohio Gun Collectors Association, their friends and family.

PDF of Generic Letter to Legislator
Sample letter to Senator Brown
Sample letter to Senator Portman
Sample letter to Ohio Governor DeWine

The White House Phone Numbers
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
U.S. Capitol Switchboard
The U.S. Capitol switchboard will connect you to your legislatorís offices. Call (202) 224-3121
Take 60 seconds to call and let them know we donít need any new gun regs. Address crime and mental health!
FAX: 202-456-2461

Following are some helpful links to contact your legislators:

 Ivory Ban

OGCA member, Sandy Brady, urges fellow members to go to for the most up-to-date information on the proposed Ivory ban announced in past OGCA newsletters.   For more information see link to related article, below.

Members, voice opposition  to any new gun regulations!
Call (202) 224-3121
The U.S. Capitol switchboard will connect you to your legislatorís offices.
Take 60 seconds to call and let them know we donít need any new gun regs. 


Table confirmations are mailed out 15 days prior to the meeting.
Guest Passes - You may mail in your guest pass registration forms to the Business Office or obtain passes in person at the meeting. Remember that both the sponsor and the guest have to sign them.  Avoid delay by remembering to sign them. Advance Guest Passesóare those that have been received by the business office less than 2 weeks prior to the meeting and are processed and held for pick up at the Business Office Desk in the Registration Room - right off the main lobby before entering the hall.

Badges - Remember also that everyone who comes to the meeting has to have a badge no matter how young or old they are. Spouses and children receive free badges at the time of the memberís renewal each year once they register in person. If your family members donít have badges, go with them to the Family Services table. They must be with you for their first badge.

Tableholders: Remember to sign the back of your table application. Avoid delay and disappointment! Also, rememberódonít rent tables unless you can maintain them for the scheduled meeting hours.

Applications for membershipómust be returned in person at the show.

To avoid the last minute rush before the meeting, please get all items in early this includes: dues, guest passes and table applications. The sooner you get these items in, the sooner the office can get them back to you.

Please note that Walkie-Talkies are not permitted at meetings due to the interference with our security system. We regret the inconvenience.