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Fall 2018 Member's Newsletter (pdf)

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September 8-9, 2018 The Roberts Centre - Wilmington, Ohio
Special Guests: The Winchester Arms Collectors Association and Cody Firearm
Museum Record's Specialist, Jessica Benett

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A Message From Our President

Well summer has finally arrived. Itís always good to feel the heat and watch nature transform everything from cold and dark to warm and green. I want to thank our Judges at our May meeting for a job well done: Ashley Hlebinsky from the Cody Museum, Charles Layson who is a long-time member and author and Logan Metesh who works for the NRA National Firearms Museum. We appreciate your expertise and are fortunate to have such talented members who are willing to donate their time to judge.

We had a great variety of displays and they were all eye-catching and well thought out. It is a lot of work to put a display together, not to mention years of time and effort to assemble and acquire the arms. All displayers were willing to explain their knowledge and expertise in their collecting fields. Donít hesitate to thank them for their hard work when you see them at an upcoming meeting. I would also like to thank our Display Show Committee including Ralph Eyster, Chris Rohal, Sean McCarter, Sandra Schwab and Joe Pittenger for all their hard work and effort that went into the 2018 Annual Display Show. If you enjoyed it, let them know.

The members banquet went well, and our great speakers included Ashley Hlebinsky, Ohio Auditor Dave Yost (running for Attorney General), and Kayne Robinson, NRA Past President. These speakers mirror our love for this country, and we thank them for what they stand for and do for our collecting fraternity. The meal was excellent, all the guests had a good time. The banquet is an annual event to thank the members for their support so keep May 11, 2019 in mind.

The July meeting continued the high-quality displays, and I want to thank ROCS (The Ruger Owners & Collector Society) and The American Thompson Association for their support and hard work to put on their unique displays. Look for photos of the many interesting exhibits in the next newsletter. Almost all the participants from these guest collector associations are also members of OGCA, and I am proud to say they came from literally all over the country. We canít wait to see what toys and treasures they bring back next July. Special thanks to our featured Speaker Robert Segel of Wisconsin for his presentation "The Machine Guns of WWI" (pg. 5 of the Fall 2018 newsletter - see link above).

The Winchester Arms Collectors Association is coming to the September 8-9, 2018 meeting. They bring a lot of cool stuff, and interest spikes when we look at the Winchester collectables that come out at this special annual event.  Jessica Bennett from the Cody Museum will be here to run serial numbers on your antique Winchester, and we are pleased to announce that Danny Michaels, Assistant Curator will also join us. For a small fee they will print you a letter to go with that rare Winchester you have.

One of the things I donít like to do is get involved in political arguments or religious opinions. I think most of our gun collecting fraternity understands the fight we are in for gun rights this fall. It is important for all members and their families to familiarize themselves with the candidates that are running for office November 6th. This mid-term will be important, and will show which way the country is leaning, including the future of our 2nd Amendment rights. Our friends at the NRA and Buckeye Firearms Association publish information on candidates they recommend based on their Second Amendment voting record, actions and stated opinions.

OGCA Director Tim Inwood has a good article on page 10 of the Fall 2018 newsletter that all members should read, about how to check on your voter registration status. It is one of the most important Elections as gun owners we may ever face. The nomination of our next Supreme Court Justice is also of the utmost importance. I think all the candidates you encounter at our meetings are hardworking pro 2nd Amendment people that deserve your vote. Itís important that you study their credentials and vote for the candidate that will best serve our members and people of like minds.

Cecil Parker has retired from the part-time position of OGCA Treasurer and I thank him for his service. He will remain an active member and will continue in an advisory role as Past President. Life member and Assistant Treasurer Anita Rieger will serve as Interim Treasurer until the November elections. Anita is a former bookkeeper and retired U.S. Postmaster who has provided part-time assistance to OGCA for many years, including 3 years as Assistant Treasurer. Anita has streamlined and modernized the bookkeeping functions.

See you all at the Sept. 2018 meeting. Bring out your best Winchesters and have them authenticated and appraised by some of the best Winchester Collectors in the world. Good Shooting!


See you there!
Charles Rush, President

Robert Segelís "Machine Guns of WWI" Resonates With Members

At the July 14-15 OGCA Show, there was a fine big display of Ruger firearms and an impressive display of Thompson submachine Guns. Among the Thompson Guns was a display of two WWI German Maxim Machine guns with all the bells, whistles, canisters, mounts, tubes, tools, personal armor, belts and dummy ammunition. Along with them was displayed the award the owner garnered from the NRA. The owner was/is Robert Segel. Robert gave talks on Saturday and Sunday about WWI machine guns of all the opposing powers. A synopsis is far beyond the scope of this brief report but Robertís presentation was very well researched and very comprehensive. He noted the winning English called the losing German copy of the Maxim machine gun "the devilís paintbrush" whereas their own copy of the Maxim gun (Vickers), they called "the queen of the battle field." Eloquent evidence that the victors write the histories!

In Robert's non-stop comprehensive presentation that lasted a bit over an hour, I soon lost count of the number of inventions that actually made it into production hardware and appeared on the battlefield in some numbers. While you would expect a mechanical engineer-approach to a talk like this, and there was plenty of that, much mention was made of the "human" side of the issue. He noted that providing 1914 armies with these relatively new devices, there was practically no concomitant development in tactics either offensively or defensively. He pointed out the German Army was somewhat of an exception to that. The Germans, along with many other countries, sent observers to the Russo-Japanese war (1904). But the Germans went home, took the machine gun to heart, and at least developed offensive tactics. Robert noted more than once that, while all wars are horrible, the world had seen nothing like this. The troops were ordered to leave their trenches in one nice big long line the same as they had done for generations. This provided a fruitful target for the sweeping field of fire of machine guns. Robert tells that defensive tactics were eventually worked out, and it was not done in the board room, but under fire! It took not days or weeks to do thisÖit took YEARS! Hindsight tells us this would result in the near total loss of the younger generation of participating countries. It is hard to understand it took bureaucratic tactical personnel years to realize and identify defensive tactics. Again, Robert insisted, all wars are horrible, but the resulting carnage in WWI was unbelievable. Although poet Joyce Kilmer was one of the victims, perhaps killed by a sniper. (I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree). Kilmer was a comrade of "Wild Bill" Donovan of WWII fame (OSS) of the "Fighting 69th Infantry"Öa prototype for 007 after WWII?

Another seeming anomaly, you cannot fail to be impressed with the number of American inventors, including Maxim, himself, who had to leave the U.S. to get an audience for their invention. The U.S. Ordnance Department turned a deaf ear to all their ideas. Segel insisted an overwhelming factor was the lack of money the Ordnance Department had and the high cost of adoption, development and acquisition of a new machine gun design. It was overwhelming. Then, as today, a nation not at war was reluctant to provide funds for defense. Remember the U.S. sat out the first years of the war (1914-1918) and did not get involved until 1917. Who were the villains here? Was it the Maxims and all the other inventors, or those who failed to fund defensive measures.

While the connection was not spelled out by Robert in his presentation, he set in motion a very real understanding of the extreme reluctance the U.S. population had to get involved in WWII. Even industrialists, like Henry Ford, who were most to profit from war, dug in their heels about getting involved in another war.

Shakespeare said: "The evil men do lives after them. The good is oft interred with their bones." Were all these machine gun designs evil? You tell me!

- Tom Schiffer

Thank you to Robert Segel for sharing your vast knowledge, to Nick Gorgen and The American Thompson Association for making it possible, and to Tom Schiffer for this write-up. As Tom said, "Robert Segelís presentation was a worthy successor to his predecessors in OGCAís program of bringing you continuing information by members and guests who have done their homework." We look forward to your input and ideas on future presentations.

 May 2018 Display Show

We hope you made it to the fantastic May 2018 Annual Display Show and Banquet.  If not, look for complete coverage in the Fall 2018 newsletter.  (Our summer edition had to be printed prior to the May meeting in order to get it to members in plenty of time for the July meeting.)  So, for now allow us to profusely thank each and every Display Show Participant, the Committee, volunteers and everyone who work so hard to have made it such a success.  This includes our  2018 distinguished panel of judges: Charles B. Layson, Logan Metesh and Ashley Hlebinsky, who was also our keynote banquet speaker.   Other special guest speakers included Kayne Robinson of the NRA and Dave Yost, Ohio's current Auditor and the 2A candidate for Attorney General.

2018 Display Show Awards


 Leonardo Antaris
Salvator Dormus #23. This is the first from scratch semi-automatic pistol that was actually produced in quantity.
It is patented 1891. This gun was sent to Austria for military trials in 1897.
Approximately 50 produced, 30 of which were sent to Austria for testing.  

        ROBERT RUBENDUNST BEST EDUCATIONAL AWARD    (Minuteman Freedom Bronze, SN# 35)  $750   

 Ken Rohal
        Marlin Firearms Forgotten Perfection The Marlin MR7 Bolt Action Rifle


Randall Setty 
        Henry Gross Jr. Patent Revolvers 1863


  David Molchen, Rick Anzellotti and Tom Downing     
        Old Friends Showing Off Some Shooters             


 William Ridge
        Ruger Single Actions Introduced in the 1950í and 50 Years Later


   Josh Warner
        Colt Conversion Uints 22LR from Military to Modern


   Stephen Griffin
US Military Rifle Grenades and Launchers WWI to  Vietnam

    THIRD OVERALL   $200   

Josh Warner
Colt Conversion Uints 22LR from Military to Modern


    Jack Meador
Rediscovered History ďBaby Face NelsonĒ Tommy Gun I

FIRST PLACE ANTIQUE (Minuteman Freedom Bronze, SN#47 )   $1,000

   Leonardo M. Antaris, MD
19th Century Semiautomatic Pistols

 FIRST PLACE MILITARY   (Minuteman Freedom Bronze, SN# 48)  $1,000   

Stephen Griffin
US Military Rifle Grenades and Launchers WWI to Vietnam

     FIRST PLACE MODERN   (Minuteman Freedom Bronze)     $1,000

John Eckert
The Luger Carbine

NRA Gun Collectors Affiliate Silver Medallion 

Firearm: Luger prototype carbine serial number 10110C old/new model transitional carbine.
 The pistol was one the developmental prototypes which developed the Luger pistol and the 9mm parabellum cartridge.
This gun was the only prototype in carbine configuration. The gun bears George Lugers personal work stamp,  denoting his personal involvement and potentially that it was a presentation gun. In addition the pistol has its WWI bring back documentation.

SN# 472     John Eckert  "The Luger Carbine"

Firearm:  Mannlicher 1899 Serial number 231 with presentation case.
This extremely embellished pistol was one of 3 made and this one was presented to Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany.
1 of 350 of this model made. This gun is displayed by Dr. Leonardo Antaris

SN# 473  Leonardo M. Antaris, MD "19th Century Semiautomatic Pistols"



YES, you read that correct! PAC Raffle tickets are now available.  Your raffle tickets were enclosed with the Summer newsletter.  Need more tickets? No problem! Contact us at 330-467-5733 or Tickets will also be available at the Sept. meeting. The drawing is September 9th at noon.  PAC has more prizes than ever, 7 total, giving you more chances to win!. Visit PAC Chairman Tony Zinsmayerís tables, M 10-11, during the Sept. meeting to see the quality of the custom knife and 5 beautiful, collectible firearms. Look for the orange flag.

With rising anti-2A sentiment and calls for outright bans, we need your support more than ever! All proceeds go to pro-gun candidates and organizations that support and fight for our firearm freedoms, and related charitable organizations.

Donation of just $20.00 for 5 raffle tickets or $5 for one chance. Do your part to support your Second Amendment Rights. Mail tickets with personal check or money order to OGCA PAC, P.O. Box 6704406, Sagamore Hills, OH 44067. (PAC cannot accept business or corporate checks.)   Winners need not be present.

First Prize - Inland WWII M-1 Carbine, made in January of 1944. All correct with sling and oiler. Very nice condition.

Second - Remington 03-A3 WWII rifle, made in February of 1943. All correct with sling. Very nice condition.

Third - Colt 1903 pistol, made in 1920. Very nice condition.

Fourth - Sig P320 9mm pistol. Army replacement for the Berretta. Like new in the box.

Fifth - S&W Model 22 A-1 Talon target pistol. Made one year only, in 2012. Like new in the box.

Sixth - Grey Wolf custom hand-made knife, like new, with leather sheath and paperwork.

Seventh - OGCA hat and jacket.

There is strength in our 18,000 members! Thank you for your loyal support, and good luck!

Membership Dues

Your annual dues statement was enclosed in the mailing that reached members in October. Current members may pay directly to our secure Online Dues Payment Program by Clicking Here; pay via credit card over the phone at (330) 467-5733 or mail your check or money order to the business office. You do not need your dues statement in order to mail your dues, but please include your member number on the memo of your check. You will receive a "Proud Member" decal (while quantities last).  Current OGCA Members may click on "Dues" for more information on Membership Dues including our Life and Senior Life Membership Installment Payment Plan. 

1-year dues: $40
1-year Active Duty Military: Free
(Enclose rank, branch, duty station)
3-year dues:
5-year dues:
Life Membership:
Sr. Life (65 yrs.+):
(Enclose proof of age)

Mail to: OGCA, P.O. Box 670406, Sagamore Hills, OH 44067.

Anticipate 4-6 weeks for processing.  After January 15th, newsletters and other mailings will not be mailed until dues are current. If payment is not received by March 31, 2018, the name of the non-paying member will be removed from our files and can be reinstated only by paying a minimum of 3 years dues by December 31, 2018. We need and appreciate your support. Thank you!

Protect Your Firearms Rights - Vote!

It is often said guns only have two real enemies, rust and politicians. I know we all treat our guns with lubricants to keep them from rusting; we need to follow up with what needs to be done to make sure the politicians don't get them, using an effective lubricant called voting. By voting for the politicians that stand with us on the Second Amendment you will protect those guns. That is why it is imperative that you check on something very important, your voter registration status. In Ohio they are purging the voter rolls of people who have not voted in awhile. This is being done to stop vote fraud and itís a good thing that itís happening. However if you have not voted in a number of years you may have been removed from the voter rolls in your county.

So before early voting begins in October, you need to check to make sure you are registered to vote. Itís easy, each county has a Board of Elections and most of those have a website where you can check to see your voter registration status or just call them directly by phone and they can check for you. Another website option is This is a one stop website that is provided by OGCA member and Secretary of State Jon Husted. You can locate your county and take care of anything that involves voting. You can register, change your address, check your voter registration status, ect. If you are not registered to vote or your registration is out of date, itís easy to remedy. You can also just go down to the your county Board of Elections and request to be registered. Make sure you take a photo ID with you.

Having done this your next question may be who do I vote for. That is easy too. The NRA puts out voter guides as do sources here in Ohio like the Buckeye Firearms Association. You can also look through your old OGCA newsletters to see which politicians have come to visit our shows to meet you and your OGCA leadership. Those folks are on our side and they listen to us. Its imperative that our like-minded friends are the ones holding political office. The same is true for Judicial candidates, we need our friends to win in the Court races this November.

Do your part by voting for them. Itís the cheapest and most effective way to preserve your firearms, and your hands wont get oily in the process.

- Tim Inwood, OGCA Legislation & Litigation Chairman

Guest Passes/Trade Tables: The Table Application and Guest Pass Forms are on pages 11-14 of member's newsletter. If you are a member and need a copy of a form do not hesitate to contact us anytime at or (330) 467-5733.  (Forms are not posted on the web for security reasons.) Members may now reserve tables for up to two shows at a time ($80 per table). Likewise, if you are a member and would like to be added to the "Table Application email list" just shoot us an email at and we will automatically email the form to you 5-6 weeks prior to each meeting.   Tables may be rented via mail, phone, or in person during a meeting. 

Annual Tables: Annual 2019 Tables will be on sale at the September and November meetings (and by contacting the Business Office at (330) 467-5733 or Annual tables run January 2019 to November 2019 for all scheduled Roberts Centre meetings.  Take advantage of the savings when you reserve annually. Cost is $420 per table for six shows in the calendar year. That breaks down to $70 per table x 6 and is a savings of $60 per year, per table. (Individual table rental paid per show is $80.00.) Annual tables are also a convenient way to reserve the same table for the whole year! (Table location based on availability.) 2019 Annual Table Applications for all six meetings are only available until December 28, 2018. Call the business office anytime with questions.

 Nov. 17th Charter Bus to Pick up in both Cleveland and Lodi, Ohio (Note deadlines)

The most recent Charter Bus from Cleveland to Wilmington carried only 28 members (just half full), making the cost of the bus hard to justify. Therefore, we have added a second stop for Saturday November 17 in the hopes that more members will take advantage of this service. Besides the usual pick up at Baronís Bus Garage on Brookpark Road in Cleveland, it will also stop at Ohio Stations Outlet Mall located just off I-71 in Burbank/Lodi. This is great news for members in Norwalk, Wellington, Medina, Akron, Massillon, Canton, Wooster, Ashland and Mansfield.

We are getting this information out early since we will have to cancel the bus on October 10th if less than half of the seats are filled. If we must cancel the bus, you will be notified immediately.

As an added incentive, we will continue the promotion we held in May - with paid bus seats ($25.00 each) for you and your sponsored guest(s), their Guest Pass fee ($10) will be waived for entry into the show.

Fill out the form in your Summer or Fall newsletter and mail to arrive at the Business Office by October 10th, 2018: OGCA, P.O. Box 670406, Sagamore Hills, OH 44067. Or, call us at (330) 467-5733 to reserve via credit card. Refunds will not be issued for cancellations on or after November 2nd, 2018. Detailed instructions will be mailed to you two weeks prior.

Automatic Penalties For a Loaded Gun or Magazine: On March 11, 2016, the OGCA Board of Directors adopted automatic penalties for those in violation of bringing in a loaded gun or magazine. Members will be removed from the building and placed on an automatic one-year suspension. If a guest brings a loaded firearm/magazine, he/she will be immediately banned for life, and the sponsor of that guest will automatically be suspended for one year. If each and every member makes safety their number one focus and informs their guest of the Safety Rules, enforcement of this new automatic penalty will never be necessary...and that is our hope.    

Important:  Bump Fire Stocks or any devices that simulates full automatic fire are NOT  Permitted.

 Firearms Safety REQUIRED

Blue Book Program For OGCA Members Click here to learn more or go directly to Blue Book Publications.

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There has never been a more important time for supporters of the Second Amendment to band together and ensure that those who share our love of collecting, shooting and hunting are registered to vote.

Trigger the Vote is a nonpartisan
voter registration program through the NRA.  Click here for more info or here to go direct to the site.  Then click on "Get Started" to register to vote in any state. (It's easy!)