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-------OGCA Meetings are strictly LIMITED to members and their guests------

Spring 2018 Member's Newsletter (pdf)

--- Next Four Meetings ---

March 10-11, 2018 The Roberts Centre - Wilmington, Ohio
Special Presentation by David H. Hanes
Western Pennsylvania Militia Musket (pg 7 Spring Newsletter, above)

May 19-20, 2018 The Roberts Centre - Wilmington, Ohio
Annual Display Show and Banquet

July 14-15, 2018 The Roberts Centre - Wilmington, Ohio
Special Guests: ROCS (The Ruger Owners and Collectors Association)

September 8-9, 2018 The Roberts Centre - Wilmington, Ohio
Special Guests: The Winchester Arms Collectors Association

Visit "Shows" page for directions, hotels and a complete list of dates. 

You (Yes, You) Are Wanted for the May 2018 Display Show

Members: we are pleased to announce more prize money for the Annual Display Show totaling $6,500 plus four Minuteman Freedom bronzes valued at over $4,000 each. Additionally, the cash prize for Best First Time Displayer has increased from $100 to $500 this year. Thatís because the 2018 Display Show Committee led by director Ralf Eyster wants to give an extra incentive to those of you who have never done a display before! The 2018 theme couldnít make it any easier for members to participate, "Show & Tell Among Members." It crosses all time periods, every manufacturer and all regions of the world.

All you need to do to get started is request a Display Show Information Packet from the Business Office (330) 467-5733 or or from Ralf Eyster at M-19 at the March meeting. It includes rules, tips and a sample Judges Worksheet. By reading the Judges Worksheet you will be able to know exactly what you need to do to win. For example, did you know that simply having a clear title for your display is worth 10 points out of 200?

Our 2018 distinguished panel of judges includes Charles B. Layson, Logan Metesh and Ashley Hlebinsky, who is also our keynote banquet speaker. Ashley Hlebinsky is the Robert W. Woodruff Curator of the Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. She manages over 8,000 firearms, ranging from the 1200s through modern day. Prior to this, she researched in the Smithsonian Institutionís National Firearms Collection. Hlebinsky earned her B.A. and M.A. in American History and Museum Studies, focusing her research on the perception of firearms in culture. In addition to her duties as curator, Hlebinsky is President of The Gun Code where she serves as a firearms consultant, an expert witness, a freelance firearms writer, an NRA Certified firearms instructor, an international lecturer, an on-camera firearms historian, and a television producer.

Prior OGCA Display Show Judge, Charles B. Layson is co-founder of Antique and Modern Firearms of Lexington, Kentucky since 1974. He is a director and founding member of the Colt Collectorís Association and contributing author to the Rampant Colt magazine. Charles is also a contributing author, editor and appraiser for the Blue Book of Gun Values. He is an advisor and "on call" appraiser for the Frazier Historical Arms Museum and the Kentucky firearms collection at Fort Harrod Pioneer Park. In addition, he is a volunteer docent at the Cody Firearms Museum. A life member, Charles can always be found at his tables in row "H" at our meetings.

OGCA member Logan Metesh rounds out our panel of judges. He is the Firearms Specialist for the NRA Museums, where he helps with the needs of their 3 facilities and interacts with almost 100 NRA-affiliated gun collector clubs. Before coming to the NRA, Logan worked for the National Park Service and the Smithsonian Institution. He has a B.A. in Historic Preservation with a concentration in Museum Studies and resides in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Letís put these accomplished judges to work! Exhibiting has many fringe benefits including meeting other interesting members and learning new information in a way that you would otherwise rarely encounter. Watching your wallet? That is no excuse - the first display table is free, additional tables are at a reduced price and it includes a ticket to the Saturday night banquet.

The May meeting fills up fast for both trade and display tables. Please get your Info Packet and reserve your exhibit tables ASAP.

For a Display Show Info Packet call or email the Business Office TODAY: (330) 467-5733
To rent trade tables for March or May, see related article below.  Your Spring Newsletter will arrive in early February and has a trade table application for March and/or May 2018.

 Membership Dues

Your annual dues statement was enclosed in the mailing that reached members in October. Current members may pay directly to our secure Online Dues Payment Program by Clicking Here; pay via credit card over the phone at (330) 467-5733 or mail your check or money order to the business office. You do not need your dues statement in order to mail your dues, but please include your member number on the memo of your check. You will receive a "Proud Member" decal (while quantities last).  Current OGCA Members may click on "Dues" for more information on Membership Dues including our Life and Senior Life Membership Installment Payment Plan. 

1-year dues: $40
1-year Active Duty Military: Free
(Enclose rank, branch, duty station)
3-year dues:
5-year dues:
Life Membership:
Sr. Life (65 yrs.+):
(Enclose proof of age)

Mail to: OGCA, P.O. Box 670406, Sagamore Hills, OH 44067.

Anticipate 4-6 weeks for processing.  After January 15th, newsletters and other mailings will not be mailed until dues are current. If payment is not received by March 31, 2018, the name of the non-paying member will be removed from our files and can be reinstated only by paying a minimum of 3 years dues by December 31, 2018. We need and appreciate your support. Thank you!

A Message From the President

Sitting here in my kitchen watching the birds feed at the feeder during the first snowfall, it gives me time to reflect on the future of our club and the collecting fraternity. I think we have a bright future and a very healthy club thanks to all of our loyal members. Over 18,000 strong and growing. Keep up the good work in bringing in the next generation.

One of the questions that is asked of me by members is about the 1911-A1ís that Camp Perry is supposed to release. There is a feeling that they may be released in the near future. 2018 seems to be the most recent scuttlebutt. The website for the CMP,, now includes information on what you will have to do to qualify to receive a 1911-A1. There isnít enough room to print all the details, but the overview is available from the CMP site. There are extra hoops to jump thru to get a 1911-A1.

One of the things I ask of the members is to vote for their favorite directors. We had a hard fought election and elected 3 new directors and 1 incumbent. The 3 new Directors are Charles Benton, Sean McCarter and Tony Zinsmayer. The incumbent was Thomas Bowersox. Please show your gratitude towards these new directors. Donít hesitate to put them to work. They will have orange flags above their tables in case you donít recognize them by name. All three new directors are highly qualified and bring years of experience to the OGCA.

Another thing I wish to address is our bus that runs from Cleveland to Wilmington. We will continue the service for the 19th of May and the 17th of November shows in 2018. In an effort to offset costs and increase attendance we have raised the fare $5, and with paid bus seats for you and your sponsored guest, their Guest Pass fee will be waived for entry into the show. See page 6.

One of the things I look forward to is the May Banquet that is paired with the Annual Display Show. We have some of the best displays in the country, but donít let that keep you from doing your first display. All members are wanted, and if this is something you want to do we have lots of free information available, and we give out lots of prize money to our winning displayers. The banquet is Saturday evening the 19th of May, and we are honored to have Ashley Hlebinsky Curator of the Cody Firearms Museum as our keynote speaker. The buffet menu this year will include delicious Italian dishes of Chicken Marsala and lasagna. Mail in the banquet flyer on page 5 to reserve your seat.

In March, our biggest meeting, we are featuring a great display by David Hanes, "A well-regulated MilitiaÖIn Defense of Perryís Fleet." David is well versed on this period of history. It is a unique display with a very rare flintlock musket with lots of history. David will give 3 separate seminars in the Hamilton room south, Saturday March 10th at 11:00 AM and one at 4:30 PM (so table holders can attend), and one on Sunday March 11th, at 10:00 AM. The Hamilton room is just off the main hall. Well worth the time and travel to hear and speak with David Hanes about the Battle of Lake Erie.

For the northern members I want you to know we are still looking for a northern site. Also, we arenít going to leave the Roberts Centre, we would just like to add a northern site for our friends up north.

Our last two meetings were very busy and included several distinguished members and guests who would like your vote for the huge number of important seats that are up for grabs this year on a state and national level. Members Dave Yost, Mike Gibbons and Honorary Life member Jon Husted were in attendance. Jon was our 2017 keynote banquet speaker and is running for Lt. Governor. Special guests Robert Portman, Mike DeWine, Melissa Atkinson and Lt. Governor Mary Taylor could also be found reaching out to you. Get to know the candidates at our upcoming meetings, and do your research before voting. The primary is May 8th and the general election is November 6th.

I wish to personally thank Sparky (Larry) Clark for his service as director this past term and also, Frank and Erna Becker for their years of service to the OGCA and PAC. Enjoy your retirement, Frank, you have earned it. New Director, Tony Zinsmayer has been named Chairman of the PAC Committee, and will be working with Frank to learn the ropes over the next few months.

Your Friend and President,
Charles Rush

Annual Tables / Table Rent Reminders
Annual 2018 Tables
if you would like to rent tables on an annual basis for the March through November Roberts Centre meetings, please do so by February 19 or earlier for best placement. Contact the Business Office at (330) 467-5733 or for a form. Take advantage of the savings when you reserve annually. Cost for the next 5 meetings is $350 per table which breaks down to $70 per table and saves $50 per year, per table on table rent. (Individual table rental paid per show is $80.00.) Annual tables are also a convenient way to reserve the same table for the whole year. (Table location based on availability.)  Final deadline to reserve your annual table is 2-28-18. Call the business office anytime with questions.

Also, as a reminder to those who rent tables per show, members may now reserve tables for up to two shows at a time ($80 per table). For example, using the form on page 13 of this newsletter, you may reserve tables for September, or November or both. Simply check the box at the top of page 13 for which show or shows for which you are reserving tables. The form may be copied but donít forget to also copy and sign the back of the Table Application (page 14).

Pay via mail, phone, or in person during a meeting for the next 2 meetings.  If you need a Table Application form contact the business office anytime. If you would like to be added to the "Table Application email list" just shoot us an email at and we will automatically email the form to you 5-6 weeks prior to each meeting.

Guest Passes/Trade Tables: The Table Application and Guest Pass Forms are on pages 11-14 of member's newsletter. If you are a member and need a copy of a form do not hesitate to contact us anytime at or (330) 467-5733.  (Forms are not posted on the web for security reasons.)

Important:  Bump Fire Stocks are NOT  Permitted


Automatic Penalties For a Loaded Gun or Magazine: On March 11, 2016, the OGCA Board of Directors adopted automatic penalties for those in violation of bringing in a loaded gun or magazine. Members will be removed from the building and placed on an automatic one-year suspension. If a guest brings a loaded firearm/magazine, he/she will be immediately banned for life, and the sponsor of that guest will automatically be suspended for one year. If each and every member makes safety their number one focus and informs their guest of the Safety Rules, enforcement of this new automatic penalty will never be necessary...and that is our hope.        Firearms Safety REQUIRED

Blue Book Program For OGCA Members Click here to learn more or go directly to Blue Book Publications.

Current Member's Newsletter:  Spring 2018 Member's Newsletter (pdf)

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There has never been a more important time for supporters of the Second Amendment to band together and ensure that those who share our love of collecting, shooting and hunting are registered to vote.

Trigger the Vote is a nonpartisan
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