Ohio Supreme Court Alert

Threats to our firearm rights do not always come from the Executive or Legislative branches of government. Sometimes the Judiciary over steps when it comes to our rights and the Ohio Supreme Court would be doing just that if it adopts proposed changes to policy made by The Advisory Committee on Children and Families, The Commission on Dispute Resolution and the Commission on the Rules of Superintendence. This summer these Committees submitted a proposal to the Ohio High Court that is rife with potential for abuse. Frankly the proposal should have been shot down as written but it was not. Luckily rather than being directly adopted it was put out for public comment and the Court got an earful on the problems within the proposed changes.

The rule changes proposed to the Ohio Supreme Court for adoption would disarm and force citizens subject to a civil protection order to surrender their firearms, ammunition, and concealed handgun license to the authorities. Confiscation would still take place even if there is no "sufficient nexus", that is to say without specific evidence that the subject of the order threatened to use, did use, or brandished a gun. A good example is a divorce where the attorney routinely asks for a restraining order if a spouse owns a gun, despite there being no real cause.

NRA Director and attorney Sean Maloney, kindly broke down the problematic details.

If passed and adopted as they are currently written, the amendments will empower authorities to:

* Seize guns, ammo, and concealed handgun license, requiring a separate legal action to be filed within 30 days for return of the property and no clear policy for returning or reinstating the license.

* Dispose of guns and ammo as unclaimed property upon expiration of the protection order.

* Create a registry of all firearms owned by the gun owner by repeatedly asking for an inventory of firearms owned or possessed through proposed forms.

* Infringe on the 2nd and 5th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

* Ignore the Ohio Constitution and court decisions on matters of civil protection orders.

* Usurp the power reserved exclusively for the Ohio General Assembly to create new laws.

I understand that there will be no action on this until the next term. So its not too late for us to act. Sadly November 6th two new Democrat Justices, known to be hostile to gun ownership were elected to the court. So the situation is even more dire. Please do your part and make your displeasure with the proposed changes known by using the contact information below.


Public Information Line: 614-387-9250

General Information Line: 614-387-9000

Send a printed letter to:

Diana Ramos-Reardon, Policy Counsel

Supreme Court of Ohio

65 South Front Street, 6th Floor

Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431

Tim Inwood

Director and Chairman of the OGCA

Legislation and Litigation Committee

Detective Seeking Help from Members on Stolen Guns

[June 6, 2017] Sgt. Chris Stang is seeking the help of OGCA members on recovering seven stolen guns.  He is a detective with the Findlay Township Police Department located in Clinton, Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), just outside of Pittsburgh.  Over the past year, he has been investigating a theft of eight guns from a home in his jurisdiction and recently acquired information that the guns "may" have possibly been sold to someone in Ohio.  One gun has been recovered and he is seeking help on recovering the other seven.  The guns are as follows:

 #1.  Colt AR Rifle - 5.56 cal. M2 with Synthetic stock, Serial# 32659.

#2.  Marlin 336C - .35 cal. lever action with Wood stock, Serial# P31556

 #3.  Springfield 1911 - .45 cal. pistol with matte finish and wood grips, Serial# NM237453 

#4.  Ruger Blackhawk - .44 cal. pistol, blued with wood grips, Serial# 870-00947 

#5.  Colt - .44 cal. Wiley Clapp pistol, blued with black plastic grips, Serial# WCP0156 

#6.  Springfield Armory - .30 cal. M-1 Garand rifle, grey metal with wood stock, Serial# 3579161 

#7.  Springfield Armory - .308 cal. M1A rifle, Serial# 096896

 Anyone with information should contact:  Sgt. Chris Stang, Findlay Township Police Dept., 1271 Route 30, PO Box W.Clinton, PA  15026
724-695-1300 office,   724-601-5424 cell,


OGCA member, Sandy Brady, urges fellow members to go to for the most up-to-date information on the proposed Ivory ban announced in past OGCA newsletters.   For more information see related articles, below.

 - Sandra Brady

Tusk to Tusk; This is our Battle Too by Director Tim Inwood

When you go into an art museum frequently it will have a small firearm display. Surprising? Not really, as guns are frequently objects that artists have lavished loving hard work on with ornate engraving, gold, silver and ivory inlay if not full ivory stocks. You see, even those who may not like guns can still appreciate guns when they are done as art.

One thing I love about the Ohio Gun Collector Association shows is the antique firearms displays; many are embellished with engraving and ivory. Itís a delight to the eyes. But this is true of modern firearms too and that is the purpose of my article today: to draw your attention to yet another back door way the Obama administration is attacking our gun rights. He is going after our ornate guns now.

Via the Interior Departmentís US Fish and Wildlife division, a new war is being waged on the ownership of ivory in the United States. Now even if you favor a ban on the hunting of elephants for ivory I ask you to bear with me. What is particularly galling about the new regulations is that it would make it illegal to sell ivory that is less than 100 years old. That means if you have an old family heirloom or bought a piano with ivory keys, flatware with ivory handles, statues, scrimshaw tusks, jewelry or yes even gun stocks with ivory, unless you can prove it was made prior to 1914 you can not sell it.

Does that make any sense? To trap people who currently own ivory and tell them they cannot sell what is theirs and at this moment is a legal thing to own? It takes something of value and makes it worthless contraband. If you condemn property it must be compensated by law. It will also deny our ability to purchase a firearm with ivory on it that was made after 1914. This is an affront to not only private property rights its clearly an assault on our Second Amendment rights. We must jealously guard our liberty and any attack on any component used on a firearm is a battle we must engage in and fight tenaciously. These actions, by this government, in this supposed land of the free is an outrage.

There is something in the law called "Ex Post Facto". The Latin translates as "From a thing done afterward", in this case taking and retroactively criminalizing a product which was previously legal. There are actually two clauses in our US Constitution that prohibit this, Article 1 sections 9 and 10. Sadly our Constitution is oft ignored these days as we see this administration and various States abusing our constitutional protections and retroactively banning guns previously legal and forcing owners to register or turn them in, often with no compensation. As I write this folks in New York and Connecticut are facing such injustice.

The other thing that galls me, and this is also true with gun bans, that having made the legal item illegal the government is offering no compensation for the now contraband item. Its just illegal and you have to soak up the loss. I ask, is that fair? No. Itís also not fair to ask tax payers to have to pay for things someone in the government with some private agenda wants to ban.

I know not many of us own ivory stocked guns, but in my view this is still part of our fight. Yet another blow to our liberty at the hands of an unjust administration that is hell bent on pushing their agenda of fundamental change of America. Donít sit in silence and take this, friends. Get involved and call your members of Congress and demand they stop the Interior Departmentís actions against ivory now. While you are at it also ask them to protect and defend our Second Amendment rights from this administration too. Our rights and freedoms are slowly ebbing away from us daily; do your part to stop this insidious assault on our rights and liberty.

Below you will find the websites that will take you to the House and Senate web pages where you can contact your Representative and both of your US Senators.

Director, Tim Inwood, is the current Legislative Liaison and Past President of the Clinton County Farmers and Sportsmen Association, an Endowment Member of the NRA, Republican Central Committeeman for Chester Township A in Clinton County, and a volunteer for Buckeye Firearms Association.

 Ivory Ban Public Address, March 22-23, 2014 Wilmington, Ohio  by Sandra Brady

FELLOW OGCA members: Some of you are aware of the new ivory ban Pres. Obama proposed as an executive order on Feb 11, 2014.  I believe this is a ďaround the cornerĒ attack on your 2nd amendment rights. If this ban goes into effect as proposed, it will be essentially a 100% ban. Nearly all ivory sales will be illegal and they want to make it a felony offence. Even intrastate commerce- that is sales with in your own state will be ďprohibited unless the seller can demonstrate the item was lawfully imported prior to the 1990 international ban.Ē How do you demonstrate when an item was imported? This is an impossible expectation!!

It doesnít matter if you have a matchlock with ivory inlays; a 1911 with ivory grips, a cased gun with ivory accessories, even a double barrel with an ivory bead. IF THIS BAN GOES INTO EFFECT AS WRITTEN when you sell the items you invested your hard earned dollars in, you could be arrested for wildlife trafficking. Friends, you and I are not wildlife traffickers- we invested in a LEGAL COMMODITY that has NEVER required any paper work. We have to stop, or at least slow this thing down. We can do that together. Write letters, or better yet pick up the phone and call your congressman, the NRA and AARP. Explain to them that this ivory ban not only wonít save the remaining elephants OR  stop poaching, but it WILL penalize law abiding Americans  like you. It will devalue your collections AND it will make you a criminal when you try to sell them.

Sandra Brady is a well know scrimshander and member of OGCA for over 3 decades.  She welcomes your comments and questions at 

 HERE IS A FACT SHEET the Whitehouse put out of their intentions:

 This link answers questions about the fact sheet:

Members, voice opposition  to any new gun regulations!
Call (202) 224-3121
The U.S. Capitol switchboard will connect you to your legislatorís offices.
Take 60 seconds to call and let them know we donít need any new gun regs

November 11, 2013: The following guns were stolen from a member in Medina, Ohio on November 11, 2013.  Your assistance is needed in this crime.  Contact Sgt. Chad Meyers of the Medina County Sheriffs office at 330.6725.0028 with any information. Click for pdf

December 2011

A member's grandmothers home was burglarized in Athen's County.  Among the items stolen was a Smith and Wesson Model 60-7 Lady Smith .38 spl. revolver S.N BFP2816.  Replacement grips.  It has great sentimental value. Contact OGCA and reference Charles Smith #54512.

December 2010 - Mankato, MN, Armory
Stolen Gun Alert from Mankato, Minnesota National Guard Armory.  Almost 90 firearms were stolen 12/1/2010 from the armory.  Mankato Police need your help (507) 387-8780.  For a complete list click here.


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